Airport NFT

A collection of airport tag NFT's from around the world, available on the Cardano blockchain.

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NFT Continent Collections

Our collection of NFT's are collated into 7 batches which represent the seven continents of the world.

North America NFT

#A North America

NFT Types60

Cardano Editions1200


Arrives Mar 22
Europe NFT

#B Europe

NFT Types80

Cardano Editions1600


Arrives May 22
Asia NFT

#C Asia

NFT Types80

Cardano Editions1600


Arrives Jun 22
South America NFT

#D South America

NFT Types60

Cardano Editions1200


Arrives Aug 22
Africa NFT

#E Africa

NFT Types60

Cardano Editions1200


Arrives Oct 22

#F Oceania

NFT Types60

Cardano Editions1200


Arrives Dec 22
Antarctica NFT

#G Antarctica

NFT Types1

Cardano Editions20


What are Airport NFT's?

Airport NFT's are an amazing way to engage in the new era of Cardano. If you're passionate about crypto, travel, and everything in between, you have arrived at your destination. Surrounding ourselves with unique and collectible travel mementos allows us to keep inspired until the next adventure.

  • North America JFK
  • Europe AGP
  • North America YYC
  • Europe AMS
  • North America HNL
  • Europe ATH
  • North America POS
  • Europe BNC
  • North America SLC
  • Europe BLQ
  • North America KIN
  • Europe BTS
  • North America MIA
  • North America GDL
  • North America YUL
  • North America LAX

Arriving soon...

The Terminal

To incentivise our community of travellers we are introducing 'The Terminal'. Link up your AirportNFT's to increase your air miles - connect your locations and airports across multiple continents and you'll be rewarded with some very exclusive bonus NFT's.

How to purchase


Send the EXACT amount of ADA for the number of tokens you want to buy to the Cardano Address below. Copy and pasting the address below into your Yoroi, Nami or Daedalus wallet is the best way to ensure you send to the correct address. DO NOT send ADA from an exchange wallet. You MUST send from a wallet that supports Cardano NFT's (Nami, Yoroi, and Daedalus, for example) or you WILL NOT receive your NFT Token. All investing carries a risk so, always perform your due diligence and invest wisely.

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Package Deals

1 AirportNFT 29 ADA

3 AirportNFT 81 ADA

5 AirportNFT 125 ADA

NFT(s) have been minted and will be sent to your wallet via NFT Maker Pro. Specific NFT's maybe purchased through

Policy ID
Wallet Address

Cardano Airport NFT's will be on sale on the marketplace.

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Purchase with NFT Maker Pro

You can purchase directly through NFT-Maker Pro. NFT-MAKER is the world's leading brand to enable NFT minting and purchasing on Cardano for a mainstream audience. Choose your quantity, connect your digital wallet and wait for the AirportNFT assets to be delivered directly to your wallet.

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If you need to make contact with us regarding the AirportNFT project please connect with us on Twitter, Instagram or Discord.