Christmas 2021

A collection of airport tag NFT's from Lapland.

AirportNFT have released a batch of five rare Christmas themed NFT's based around travel to Lapland, Finland - home to... you know who! Each NFT costs 40 ADA. Send the EXACT ADA for the number of tokens you want to buy to the Cardano Addresses below.

Policy ID
Wallet Address (Lapland Collection ONLY)

Copy and pasting the address below into your Yoroi, Nami or Daedalus wallet is the best way to ensure you send to the correct address. DO NOT send ADA from an exchange wallet. You MUST send from a wallet that supports Cardano NFT's (Nami, Yoroi, and Daedalus, for example) or you WILL NOT receive your NFT Token. All investing carries a risk so, always perform your due diligence and invest wisely.

Finland Map with Airport Locations
Christmas ENF
Christmas KTT
Christmas RVN
Christmas IVL
Christmas KEM